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Empowering Parents is a low-cost provider of parent aide services within Jackson County, Missouri. Empowering Parents has a goal of serving parents with children in foster care in Jackson County and developing a program providing excellence in services. We also provide services to the private sector.

We provide transportation, education, training and community resources. The services are provided in a safe environment.

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Mission Statement:

Empowering Parents is an organization that provides parent aide services and familial assistance. We focus on a myriad of services to combat family violence while educating parents and families on increasing awareness of child development, building empathy and fostering nurturing behaviors in hopes of reducing current and future risk of abuse.

Vision Statement:

Empowering Parents helps parents effectively raise their children to be happy, healthy and safe while receiving services that are cost effective and combat child abuse and family violence.

Empowering Parents was initiated out of concern for adequate parenting services for the Jackson County area and surrounding counties. Jackson County Missouri has one of the highest rates of removal of children to foster care compared to the state average. There are parent aide programs within Jackson County, but currently there are no current programs in Jackson County which not only provide supervised visitation in conjunction with parent education, transportation, parenting classes, bonding assessments, anger management and batterer's intervention assessments and classes, mental health and substance abuse screenings and referrals, and life skills for parents that include parenting sober, resume writing, professional skill building and budgeting.

Assessment: Assessments are the first stage of a treatment process, but mental health assessments may also be used for other varying purposes. The assessment includes social and biographical information and direct observations. An assessment is most commonly carried out for clinical and therapeutic purposes, to establish a diagnosis and formulation of the individual's needs, as well as to plan the individual's care and treatment. Assessments will be provided at Empowering Parents.

Family Therapy: The focus of this service is to correct family dysfunction so that the children of the family may remain in their home rather than be placed in alternative care or, if in placement, be reunited with the family. The service should be of limited duration, generally three months to two years. Services shall include family therapy sessions, if recommended, including structured interaction led by the provider, communication exercises, role playing, task assignment and analysis, and parenting skills training.

Non-Therapeutic Services include but are not limited to the following:

Domestic Violence Batterer's Intervention Program: Domestic Violence Batterer's Intervention Program is a service intended to provide treatment for those who have used violence to exert power and control over another person. The intervention program is intended to help clients modify behavior patterns and break the cycle of violence by learning new skills around power and control, including accountability and communication. The program provides educational group sessions for people who are abusive in their relationships (abusive e.g. physical, emotional, mental, or sexual).

Family-Centered Services Case Consultation: Family-Centered Services Case Consultation provides consultation services to prospective clients, targeting specific families and/or general family practice either in individual or group session formats. The services shall be reflective of a Family-Centered Model for accomplishing child protective services and in-home child welfare services.

Family-Centered Services Family Meeting: The purpose of Family-Centered Services Family Meeting helps improve skills through conducting/facilitating meetings regarding families involved with Children's Division and to serve families. This may include intact families, families with children at imminent risk of out-of-home placement, and families with children in out-of-home care. The services will be reflective of a Family-Centered Model for accomplishing child protective services and in-home child services. Family meetings may include family support team meetings, family staffing, family conference, and team decision meetings.

Parent Aide: Parent Aide services include the placement of a trained parent aide in the home of a family authorized by Children's Division as part of the family/client's case service plan. The family must have an open Family Centered Services and/or Family Centered Out of Home Care case with Children's Division. At least one parent and one child must be present. Services will be provided primarily in the home of the family/client.The contractor may assist the parent(s) in the development of parenting and home management skills through both teaching and modeling, with the goal of reaching an acceptable level of family functioning, including maintenance of the physical environment.

Parent Education and Training Program: The Parenting Education and Training Program will bring evidence-based, parent education and training to the clients. The object is to bring a consistent standard of quality services resulting in positive outcomes for children and families. It is desired that the parent be able to demonstrate one or more new skills taught by the contractor in their program. To verify the client's modeling competency-based instructional program the contractor will make at least one visit outside the instructional program to the client(s) home to observe, facilitate, and give feedback to the parent on their parenting skills.





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